Pierogies and Post-Production: Musings on Poland

If a year ago someone told me I would be traveling to a town in Poland I had never heard of with a film project I had been championing since brazenly (or foolishly?) leaving my prior employer for a competition between American films in post-production, I would’ve slapped you with a sock of pistachios and called you a filthy liar. That would have been wrong of me. Obviously.

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Life in the Sausage Factory

Image credit: meat grindy by roens, on Flickr

Image credit: meat grindy by roens, on Flickr

If you like eating meat, don’t work in a sausage factory.

-Some vegetarian sausage-factory worker, probably


There’s an odd thing that happens when your “job” is to make movies.  You start seeing them differently.  This is, in my opinion, horrible.  I don’t want to watch films as a filmmaker.  I want to watch them as a member of the audience.  I want to be sucked into the story, the characters, the world, and not wondering how much it cost to shoot in that location, or wondering how they lit a certain shot.  This “filmmaker experience” of watching is even worse when it comes to your own films.  You lose all sense of objectivity because you’ve seen it thousands of times, in every state of gestation. Read More…

Passion is no longer enough

Passion is a powerful tool. It fuels the most hair-brained creative endeavors, it drives artists in every imaginable direction, and it keeps audiences interested. It emboldens the mad and it scares the sane (sometimes). Problem is, it doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. And that’s a good thing.

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Movie

Inline image 2
Directed by Tony Richardson (1962)

The New York Film Festival is currently underway and one of the movies playing this weekend is James Gray’s “The Immigrant”.  I was fortunate enough to have worked on the film and it’s a movie I am proud to have been a part of.

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Oh, the Humanities!

Last week as part of the Dogfish Accelerator, we practiced our company pitch.  That, along with this article in my hometown newspaper recently got me thinking.

I love to joke about how useless my B.A. in “English Language and Literature” is.  I frequently say that I’d gladly sell my undergrad degree for $160K1 and put that money into making a film.  It’s all well and good to say that now, after the fact.  And sure, some of it comes from bitterness and a not-quite-20/20 level of hindsight.  Had I known then what I know now…

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  1. Roughly the cost of my college education []

A Syllabus for Last Winter

When you read something, you picture it differently than anybody else would.

Someone may read a line from a script and imagine a vast wide shot; another person reads those very same words and sees an extreme closeup.  After many discussions of what Last Winter should look, feel, and sound like, I decided to start a list of films that I feel reflect similar ideas, moods, sounds, and images.

What follows is a short list of movies that I love and, with any luck, hope to steal from.

The Ol’ “Filmmaking as Relationship” analogy

Photo by Noah Tran

Photo by Noah Tran

Confession: When I was younger, I was a bit of a slut.

As in, I said yes to everything. Like… in a professional context.

By which I mean, for work purposes.

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Where we are going and how we are doing it

Blackmagic Cinema Camera_1_2000-01-16_0717_C0003_000000

Test footage screen grab for LAST WINTER

In looking at our company’s mandate, it is understandably easy to say “Well everyone wants to make films economically with market value, what sets you apart?”. The difference to me is quite obvious – we actually intend to do it and do it well. Strong words for sure, fighting words even, but ones we intend to keep by putting in the work, understanding our own limitations, and delegating accordingly. Read More…

A funny thing happened on the way to the photo shoot…

Shortly after hearing that we’d been accepted into the Dogfish Accelerator, we were told that we’d need to get a photograph taken for the IndieWire article.  Cool. Beans.  The problem: James was out of town.  What to do?

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We’re Accelerated!

Dogfish Accelerator

Hi there,

We’re Young Gunner Films, a new production company with a new business model that’s just been birthed inside the Dogfish Accelerator.  You can read more about them (and us) in this IndieWire article (we’re at the bottom).