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Young Gunner Films is a film development and production company founded by Noah Lang, David Mandel and James Morrison. We're taking a lean, balanced approach to filmmaking that adapts the best ideas and practices from the tech startup world. We've seen (and worked for) many film companies that collapsed under old models of development, so we're going to build something new and sustainable.

We're storytellers first, and believe there are and always will be audiences for quality films. Our ambition is to develop our audiences alongside our projects. As producers, we are responsible to them as well as to our artists and our investors.

We currently have a slate of micro- to low-budget films. First up is an ambitious feature drama with a heavy sci-fi element. Think BLUE VALENTINE, but across parallel universes. We're also working on a feature narrative set inside the world of underground boxing and a contained thriller set in a world coming to grips with an unknown contagion outbreak.

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Producer, Writer

Noah Lang

Noah is a producer and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Noah began his career working in talent management, single picture finance, and advisory services at Cinetic Media. While at Cinetic, Noah closed the finance on Will Slocombe's COLD TURKEY (produced by David), worked with the finance team on John Turturro's FADING GIGOLO starring Woody Allen, Mora Stephens' ZIPPER, as well as several other upcoming co-productions. As a consultant, he worked on projects for companies such as Big Beach Films, Eleventy One and No Mystery Studios. He also facilitated the signing of several titles for FilmBuff including the iTunes hits OCCUPATION: FIGHTER, BEAUTY DAY and THE NAKED BRAND. Noah has a BA in Film and Media from Swarthmore College and has done additional coursework through the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand where he did a work study program with Peter Jackson's Weta Digital. In the fall of 2013, he was a member of the inaugural Dogfish Accelerator (which Young Gunner participated in) which was the catalyst for the production of YGF's first film – the sci-fi drama DIVERGE set to compete in the Paris Edition of US in Progress as part of the Champs-Elysees Film Festival in the summer of 2015.

Upon leaving Cinetic, Noah helped source the development finance for 52, an upcoming documentary project from award winning filmmaker Josh Zeman, consulted on the domestic sale for the award-winning thriller THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, and was then hired as a Co-Producer on a modern adaptation of W.W. Jacobs' THE MONKEY'S PAW for Chiller Films. In 2013-14 he produced the motion capture animated short THE WHEATFIELD which took the Best Animation prize at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and was an official selection at numerous festivals including Berkshire International, Monadnock International, Manhattan, Frederick, Chelsea, and Victoria TX Independent before being acquired for worldwide distribution by Shorts International. Recently he EP'ed the documentary HEAVEN ADORES YOU: AN ELLIOTT SMITH PROJECT which toured festivals all over the world before a worldwide theatrical release via Eagle Rock Entertainment. He followed that up with finance sourcing, packaging, sales advisory, and further EP duties on The Brothers Nee's crime comedy BAND OF ROBBERS (Official Selection – Los Angeles Film Festival). In the summer of 2013, he produced the award-winning SUN BELT EXPRESS, a subversive comedy about undocumented immigration starring Tate Donovan, Rachael Harris, India Ennenga, and Stephen Lang. The film swept the Chelsea Film Festival and took home further prizes at US in Progress and the Newport Beach Film Festival. It will be released theatrically by Marvista Entertainment in the summer of 2015. He is currently producing HERE ALONE with director Rod Blackhurst and producer David Ebeltoft starring Lucy Walters, and is in post-production on the hybrid narrative feature BEYOND GLORY from award-winning filmmaker Larry Brand.

Noah's role is both creative, strategy and packaging oriented, with an eye towards helping attach talent above and below the line and continuing to build strong relationships with vendors, financiers, and facilities in filmmaking hubs around the country including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Mexico, New Orleans, and New York. More than anything else, Noah is driven to attracting audiences and talent alike in the pursuit of creating compelling content. He is currently writing a surrealist revenge thriller set in the unsanctioned barenuckle boxing scene of the American southwest and is wrapping up producing duties on DIVERGE and strategizing with the team on the distribution and sales process.

Producer, Writer

David Mandel

David is a creative producer who has worked on shorts and features with budgets ranging from $1,000 to $12Million. He's seen it all, but is too modest to say so. While he loves the creative aspect and has been repeatedly told he gives the best script notes in the business, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty - he has been a physical producer and/or worked day-to-day set operations on every project on his IMDB page. He and James met 5 years ago on the set of RAGE, where they decided to team up for some shorts (David producing, James directing). The results have toured the country on the festival circuit, and their respective independent filmmaking careers were born. David and Noah met a year ago while David was searching for financing for his latest feature, COLD TURKEY. Noah saved the project from oblivion, and David has sworn fealty to him ever since.

David's role will encompass both the creative - developing scripts and helping to package and market them; as well as the physical - line-producing, creating schedules and budgets for projects as well as helping to run the day-to-day operations/accounting of the business.

More than anything else, David is motivated by a strong desire to fix what's wrong in the film industry - not just for himself and his team, but for generations of filmmakers to come.

Writer, Director, Producer

James Morrison

James is a writer, director and producer who grew up making movies with his family's video camera in Little Rock, Arkansas. Over the past 5 years he as worked on various aspects of production for both film and TV, working as producer's assistant on Cupid, Party Down, and White Collar. He currently works as an apprentice editor on George C. Wolfe's YOU'RE NOT YOU starring Hilary Swank, and recently completed apprentice editor work on James Gray's latest feature THE IMMIGRANT starring Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix. His short films STAY TRUE DARLING and LITTLE BROTHER have traveled to dozens of festivals in the US and Canada including Indie Memphis, NYC Picturestart, Manhattan, Little Rock, Stony Brook, and YoungCuts International. He is currently writing his feature debut, DIVERGE which Young Gunner is producing.

James's role will include creative - writing and directing some projects, as well as physical line producing and assisting on other projects in either a production or post-production capacity.


Feature Narrative -- Sci-Fi/Drama/Thriller


Summer 2015

A man whose life was destroyed by a global cataclysm wakes up in a parallel universe where his wife and child are still alive. The only person standing between him and the life he wants is someone he cannot face: the man he used to be.

Written & Directed by James Morrison

Feature Narrative -- Drama/Thriller


In Development

Journeyman follows a boxer reaching the twilight of his once promising career. Now relegated to fighting in ice skating arenas and gymnasiums against bottom tier competition, the former prodigal son finds himself on a dangerous path of revenge when the only person he has dared to let inside is taken from him.

Treatment by Noah Lang

Feature Narrative -- Drama/Thriller/Sci-Fi


In Development

In the aftermath of an unknown contagion outbreak, three friends struggle to survive in an abandoned hospital while awaiting weekly aid. As the vaccines the military provides begin to dwindle, they struggle to maintain a sense of morality as desperation sets in.

Treatment by Noah Lang


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